Shaw SOLITAIRE Underlayment 792 SF - 103SU - 1
    • Shaw SOLITAIRE Underlayment 792 SF - 103SU - 1

    Shaw SOLITAIRE Underlayment 792 SF


    Shaw SOLITAIRE Underlayment 792 SF


    • Creates an inexpensive floating floor for Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank (LVT/LVP).
    • Covers poor sub-floor conditions and installs directly over OSB saving time and money for builders/remodelers.
    • Directly glue LVT/LVP to the underlayment allowing for subfloor protection and quick, future replacement.
    • Great for single and multi-family dwelling.

    Thickness .76mm
    Roll Size 6' x 132'
    Coverage per roll 792 sq. ft.
    Weight per roll 139 lbs.

    • Residential LVT Direct Glue-Down & LVT Click Solitaire eliminates the need for underlayment panels over wood subfloors and provides a floating floor system for the
    products listed above. Solitaire underlayment is installed underneath LVT/LVP glue down, LVT/LVP click. Solitaire will minimize the effects of subfloor conditions such as deflection, staining and telegraphing of subfloor texturing. Solitaire should be stored in a clean, dry environment, protected from the elements. The ideal temperature is between 65°F and 85°F (18°C - 29°C) 48 hours prior, during and after the installation.

    Gypsum Underlayments Residual Adhesives Painted Subfloors Concrete (all grade levels) Oriented Strand Board Flake Board Particleboard Existing Ceramic Tile
    • Joist or truss systems spacing 16" on center, maximum of 19.2".
    • Subfloor panels must be dry, sturdy, smooth and dimensionally stable with no voids.
    • 3/4" minimum thickness tongue and groove plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).
    • Exterior grade or classified as Exposure I.
    • All suspended wood subfloors must have at least 18" of well-ventilated air space clearance above the ground. The ground under the crawl space shall be covered with 10mil or thicker polyethylene sheeting to reduce moisture vapor transmission.
    • Subfloor panels must be securely fastened to the joists. If glue-nail procedures are required, use a solventfree construction adhesive.
    • Smooth and level any uneven subfloor panel joints.
    • Prepare wood substrates according to ASTM F1482 and concrete subfloors according to ASTM F710
    • Measure concrete subfloors according to ASTM F1869 and ASTM F2170, do not install Solitaire if the values are greater than 3 lbs/1000 ft2/24hrs per ASTM F1869 or 85% per ASTM F2170.
    • Solitaire has a minimal contribution to sound dampening with a Delta IIC of 7.
    • Solitaire is installed as a glueless system and does not adhere or fasten to the substrate.
    • Measure room to determine the size of each piece of the Solitaire underlayment.
    • Install Solitaire underlayment perpendicular to the finished flooring.
    • Heavy furniture and appliances may produce indentations with the flooring system over extended periods of time.

    • Vinyl side up; use Shaw 200 or KwikFlash, 1/32" x 1/16" x 1/32" “U” notch trowel, dry set application.
    • Vinyl side down; use Shaw 200 or KwikFlash, 1/16" x 1/16" x 1/16" square notch trowel.

    • Sweep and vacuum substrate to remove all dirt and debris.
    • Unroll and position Solitaire, perpendicular to the finished flooring installation.
    • Position sheet along starting wall. Leave a 1/4" space between the sheet and all verticals (walls, cabinets, pipes). Using a utility knife with a sharp blade, trim the excess material along all verticals. If more than one piece is required, lightly butt the seam edges together and tape the length of the seam with clear packaging tape. Do not distort or buckle seam area when applying tape. Offset seams from any subfloor joints approximately 12". If factory edges are damaged, overlap edges and double-cut through both pieces. Refer to the manufacturer's detailed flooring installation instructions.